The Development and Full Integration of VP Pipelines Adapted for Theatre Affordances

Project partners: Ulster University, Prime Cut Productions

A new collaboration between Ulster University and independent theatre company, Prime Cut Productions is exploring how innovative Virtual Production (VP) techniques can be embedded into theatre production pipelines.

The project expands the application of VP technologies in theatres so that VP features as part of the entire production process, in addition to enhancing the experience of the performance. 

Researchers from Ulster University are investigating the historic connection between animation, visual effects and theatre, working with Prime Cut Productions to design a VP pipeline and associated digital resources tailored for use by theatre practitioners.

Using motion capture technology, the academic team will develop a new set of character animation principles customised for use in theatres where live performers are presented on stage with digital characters. This will provide a framework to develop and integrate subsequent VP elements, including virtual environments, digital assets and characters, and game mechanics, to seamlessly fuse virtual and physical worlds. 

The project will facilitate the transfer of practical knowledge and academic insights to Prime Cut Productions so that the theatre company can independently apply the new VP techniques as part of future productions. Early career researchers from Ulster University will also gain knowledge and experience of working with an industry partner on a real-world VP  project.

The collaboration is one of five projects supported by the XR Network+ Embedded R&D funding call, with grants of up to £60,000 awarded to researchers at UK universities to explore the transfer of knowledge between academia and industry in areas aligned with VP. 

Categories: Arts, Performance, Research, Technology