Photoreal CG Asset Acquisition for AI-Enhanced Feature Films

Project partners: University of Portsmouth, Dark Cosmos Creative (DCC)

The collaboration between the University of Portsmouth and visual effects facility, Dark Cosmos Creative, is aiming to transform the process of capturing photorealistic assets for the film production pipeline.

The process of creating high-quality photorealistic assets (digital representations of characters or environments) for films has historically been time-consuming and costly. This project will fuse Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Production (VP) techniques to transform the creation of high-fidelity effects.

The academic team will create multiple images of real-world objects and environments that will be processed to generate 3D models to capture fine details. The developed assets will then be integrated into an AI-enhanced VP pipeline for a real film  

Filmmakers at DCC will use AI-driven tools to create effects that would previously be unattainable within such a timeframe or price point. The project brings together creative expertise with advanced research in AI and VP to redefine the possibilities of content creation.

The collaboration is one of five projects supported by the XR Network+ Embedded R&D funding call, with grants of up to £60,000 awarded to researchers at UK universities to explore the transfer of knowledge between academia and industry in areas aligned with VP. 

Categories: Arts, Film, Research, Technology