Digital Materialism and How Gen Z are Building Pathways to XR and VP Acceptance

Project partners: University of the Arts London (UAL), M-XR 

London College of Fashion, part of University of the Arts London, is exploring how eXtended reality can be used to support growth and innovation in the fashion and retail industry.

In collaboration with 3D technology production company, M-XR, researchers from London College of Fashion’s Fashion Innovation Agency are investigating the experience of materiality (the physical properties of an object and how it is used) in the digital world

The project focuses on the Gen Z demographic to examine how enhanced realism can improve engagement with XR and Virtual Production (VP) technologies. With 71% of Gen Z more likely to use XR compared to older generations, the demographic will soon become the world’s largest consumer group.

Using cutting-edge scanning technology developed by M-XR, researchers will explore the attitudes and behaviours of Gen Z in relation to the textural detail of fabric and garments across a range of interfaces.

The project will enable industry practitioners to create more immersive, realistic and relevant fashion XR experiences.

The collaboration is one of seven initiatives supported by the XR Network+ Prototyping, Impact and Acceleration (PIA) funding call, with grants of up to £10,000 awarded to researchers at UK universities to develop new ideas and complete existing research related to VP. 

Categories: Arts, Performance, Research, Technology